Kelli McAbee | Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer in Greenville, SC

Hello Friends!

I’m Kelli, I have a heart for Jesus, people, and homemade popcorn with an EXCESSIVE amount of butter!

At home, I am a wife to my sweet husband and a mom to two fur babies, Bear and Teddy! (Yes, I do see what I did there, and no, I am not ashamed of it one bit!)

I love everything about weddings! Two families blending together to create a new one. The happy tears, the rad dance moves, (or the bad!) all the pretty details, the sweet promises shared between two lovebirds, and the unexpected surprises that never fail to make an appearance! And I LOVE to capture it all, turning those fleeting moments into lasting memories!

I also have a passion for the boss babes that are creating their own empire one step at a time! So I also offer branding and portrait sessions to the girl bosses (or dudes) of Greenville, SC ( or LITERALLY anywhere else in the country…...also other countries!). If you haven't guessed by now, I am hoping that photography gives me the opportunity to travel and experience the many places I've yet to see, so feel free to fly me out to wherever you are to document your love or passion!

I believe that finding the right photographer for your special day is a MUST, meaning that I’m not the perfect match for every bride and that is absolutely okay! It is important to me to be a friend to my brides and other clients rather than a vendor. There is so much for me to learn about you, what you love, (or don't love!) what makes you laugh so hard you cry, and it all makes a world of difference during our time together! So, with that being said, click that button below and let’s keep the conversation going!